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These stories and poems are works of the heart, not works of art. If you'd like to contribute, let us know and we may post it here.
They are posted in alphabetic order author. Some are real good and some have the best of intentions.
All in all, they speak from the heart.

Poems and Stories


My Story (my story)
Andy Langford
If One Day.. Anonymous

"Lest We Forget"
I have had this e-mailed to me several times. It starts out like so many other ordinary poems but really proves to be a good read

Littlest Firefighter Anonymous
The Flag Anonymous

The Knight

Anonymous 11 year old girl

The Creation of the Firefighter

Author Unknown

Silent Night

Baz Lurman

Special Angel

B.H. Mabrey

Lady Liberty

Billie Sherrell
Did My Brother Save You?
Christine Ragusa Saladeen

To New York City

Colleen Carteaux

Our Heroes Destiny Espinosa
One Don and Becky Holiman(?)

Nine One-One

H. Ray Baker

Several Poems from
German woman named Kathryn
Once Jane Ill

A Hero Only Dies When He is Forgotten

Jill Pall

On That Day

Jo Donaldson

They Gave Their All

Joel Hill

We Are Not Heroes
John Kinter

We The People

John Kinter

A Shield Against the Night

John Kinter


Julie A. Wyatt
DO YOU REMEMBER… ON 9-11? Justine Ziegel

Colors of Tragedy and The Backs of America's Heros

Kelli Coen

For the Fallen

Kerry Hemphill

The Other Way Marc A. Turner

Just One Person

Marc A. Turner

One Year

Marc A. Turner

To Those Who Miss Me

Michelle DuVall (Holt)

Peace Within

Michelle DuVall (Holt)

In Rembrance of September Past

Michelle DuVall (Holt)

FDNY Angels

Miss Grant

Heavenly Friendships

Nancy Kearns

His Watch
P O Anthony Petrocelli
She Lives P O Anthony Petrocelli
Tattered and Torn by P O Anthony Petrocelli
P O Anthony Petrocelli

The Day The Eagel Cried


Fire Flights

Richard O’Brien
FDNY retired

Two poems written in memory of Lt Capt. Michael Esposito

by his brother Big Sal Esposito

"Our Heroes" and "Thank You"

Shannan Ellington

Angels in Bunker Gear

Shelley J. Arellano

Goodbye The Cry

Shelley J. Arellano
One Day Turns into One Year
Shelley J. Arellano

The 11th Day of September

Shelley J. Arellano

Through Innocence Eyes

Shelley J. Arellano

In America, A Hero Died

Sherry Mann


Sherry Mann

Tracy Beissel - Coppell, Texas

Tracy Beissel - Coppell, Texas

In the face of Liberty

John Wayne Droneburg