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Bravest Memorial is A Virtual Memorial

Thank you for visiting. God Bless our heroes & their families.

Bravest Memorial continues to and will always honor the heroes who were taken on September 11th, 2001. Please tell your friends and family about this site.
I may have been FDNY, but these extraordinary men and women will always be my heroes.

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Within this site are more than 2,000 pages dedicated to the hero FDNY firefighters, EMS, NYPD, PAPD, and Court Officers. With the help of many, and more than a year of research, the site became what it is today. The menu bar above will take you to the pages. Some may be outdated but they will remain because they were pertinent at the time they were posted. I request that you pass this site along to anyone who may want to pay their respects to the heroes..

There are many who don't know that three retired firefighters died on September 11th doing what they loved and were trained to do. Keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers.
FF William Wren
FF Philip T. Hayes
Capt.. James J. Corrigan

This site will remain as long as I do. I will always honor the heroes. Help to honor their sacrifice by remembering them every day.


President Bush's Speech after 9-11

Fourteen years have passed. In our hearts it still seems like yesterday. This may not be a "significant" anniversary to some. There are big celebrations and memorials planned for the five, 10 and 15 year anniversaries. But for many of us it doesn't take a "significant" year to remember. In fact it doesn't take the actual day to remember. There are still reminders and every day we live with the loss and memory of the tremendous sacrifices made that day. I've heard calls to "Move On". They say that fourteen years is long enough, that we can't mourn forever. I say that we must always remember, always keep those that we lost in our hearts and in our minds, that we must honor the fallen and that we can never just move on. Our lives must continue, but the sacrifices made on 9-11-01 must always be with us. God Bless our heroes and all who have suffered as a result of the cowardly acts perpetrated upon our loved ones.
We will continue to remember, to mourn, but mostly to honor our fallen.

Please roam this site. There are over two thousand pages, all in the memory of our fallen brothers.

Keep their Memory Alive

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This site is not run by the FDNY.
It is my personal tribute to the Heroes of 9-11.

Letter from 1Lt Adam Springer in memory of FF Thomas Foley

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Do you have a story, maybe a tattoo done in tribute to the heroes? Let me know. 'ill put it on the site.
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