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To Shelley, a true friend, for an unbelievable amount of help. She researched the material for almost every hero on the memorial pages. She supplied so much other information as well. She is a teacher and without her help, you would be reeding thiss pagge all rong.
(Somewhere along the way I hurt her and for that I am truly sorry.)
To Daniel McDonough, formerly of Rescue 3 and Ladder 18. Dan has raised money and spread the word about the site. His help has been invaluable
To Jean for her Herculean efforts. She has helped with so much of the info that you see on these Memorial Pages
To Liz W, who has contributed time and effort to this cause. Liz has helped to spread the word about BravestMemorial to firehouses around the nation.
To Kris who has helped to get the Patch portion of the site going as well as lending support in any way asked of her.