To whom it may concern:

I am hoping this will reach his old station or his family if possible. My name is Adam Springer, I am an apache pilot on my way to Iraq. I came to know of Thomas Foley when I was a cadet at West Point shortly after 9-11. We saw an older man eating dinner in his dress uniform with his wife and we guessed that he was returning from a funeral. We told the waiter that we would pick up his tab and he came to thank us and shared with us this story.
He told us about Tommy, and how he had spent time training him and how he was one of the first to go running in the towers. We reminded him of Tommy, the look in our eyes, that said we were ready. He said that was the same look Tommy had when he first arrived. At the end of his story, he gave me a picture of him about the size of a baseball card and said, never forget, for Tommy.
I haven't forgotten, and to this day, that picture is in the cockpit with me every time I fly. Many people have asked me about it and even made jokes but as soon as I tell the story, the jokes fall silent and everyone remembers why we do what we do.
Take care, and I hope this letter finds its way.

1Lt Adam C Springer

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